About Sun Sails

We are all moving to embrace an outdoor lifestyle. We need better protective measures in place to guard against the harmful rays of the sun that can damage our skin and our property. The best protection from the sun’s fierce rays is under a Ray Catchers Sun Sail. There are so many benefits.

  • Money Saving Shade Alternative
  • Wide U.V. Protection
  • Cooling Effect Beneath the Sail
  • Designed to Fit Your Space
  • Ease of Installation
  • Colourful and Dynamic Styling

Sun Sails, also called shade sails, are canopies that are tensioned between 3 or more anchor points that are attached to existing structures, trees or posts. Sun Sails are an ancient concept inspired by Sailors who stretched their sails overhead to block the sun’s harsh rays. Synthetic fibres and improved technology have produced the modern Sun Sail. Though new to North America, Sun Sails have been widely used for the past 25 years around the world. Too much exposure to the sun’s U.V. rays increases the risk of sunburns causing premature aging, skin cancer and cataracts. According to Health Canada skin cancer is on the rise, 1/3 of new cases. Sun damage builds up with each exposure so it is especially important to protect children. The Shade cloth used in Ray Catchers Sun Sails has ultra violet stabilizers preventing harmful rays from penetrating the fabric. The cloth also keeps the air beneath cooler, has a very high tensile strength, and when installed properly is unaffected by winds. It won’t fade, rot or mildew.

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Ray Catchers

A Shady Business…

Ray Catchers Sun Sails designs, manufactures and installs Sun Sails using quality fabrics and hardware. We are well versed in all aspects of this amazing product. Before you decide on that pergola, gazebo or awning consider an affordable Sun Sail. We will work together with businesses and homeowners who want protective coverage from the sun and rain to create a dynamic outdoor living space.

We believe sun shades are an amazing and versatile shade product that has many environmental and energy saving benefits for the Home and Business. Ray Catchers Sun Sails can transform any sunny spot, large or small, into fun, spacious entertainment places to gather while providing the most in U.V. protection.

Ray Catchers Sun Sails operates out of London, Ontario, Canada but we can help you wherever you are. We are dedicated individuals and we look forward to working with you to bring our passion and our innovation for this great product to your project to make it your own.

Contact us to talk about your shade needs. Together we can create a beautiful and protected outdoor living space…

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